Welcome to APE Directional

Proactive decision-making and planning to address the requirements of industry standards for the Directional Drilling Program.

Who we are

We are people providing a valuable service to the Oil & Gas Industry. Our goal is to be the Accountable, Professional & Experienced team set out to obtain the joint goal of our customers in hitting the desired and defined underground targets.

How do we accomplish this?

We are a directional service company with backgrounds of drilling wells ranging from Vertical Control wells to complex 3D Horizontal wells, and everything in-between. We are a changing company that moves with the changing time with setting up operations on remote bases. Technology allows us to Monitor, interact and with limited control, direct and consult the directional aspect involved with the drilling process.


  • Directional Drilling Services, with MWD on site and Remote
  • Well Planning
  • Remote Monitoring

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